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            Napco security technologies

            Alarm Lock Systems is a leader in access and egress solutions for education, healthcare, multi-use commercial, retail, transportation & industry. Field-proven standalone Trilogy? electronic keyless access locks, provide access control with PIN-code or built-in HID? Prox, Multi-technology or swipe reader for ID badges. Wireless Trilogy Networx? access locks, are easily networked using Gateways and Expanders, eliminating door-to-door operations and featuring global lockdown or unlock in seconds, activated from any lock or the computer network's server. New ArchiTech? Networx Series take it a step farther with hundreds of customizable trims, finishes, and readers for the ideal architecturally-elegant access solution. Both lines feature keyfob and remote button support, & new iLock? App mobile solution; plus free Windows-based or enterprise software options; and models for every application & budget.

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            Trilogy: #1 Standalone Electronic Keyless Access Locks

            Advanced Access Control At Less Than Half the Price of a Wired System, Now In Standalone and Networked Series.

            Trusted by more leading retailers, firms, hospitals, schools & airports because:

            • They Install in minutes
            • Eliminate the need for keys
            • Come in styles to fit any door or exit trim
            • Grade 1 durable, vandal-resistant, indoor/outdoor models
            • Access for 100 to 5000 PIN code or HID Prox ID-Card users
            • License-free downloadable software.
            • Time-/Date-Stamped reports of door use
            • Real-time automated lock/unlock schedules save manpower
            • Control access from one or both sides of door
            • Standalone locks or new Networx? networked models with global-lockdowns and updates eliminate door-to-door operations


            Networx: Wireless Access Control Networked Locks

            Napco security technologies

            Networx wireless access control solutions...about 1/2 the cost, on any door

            • Broadest line, simply retrofits standard locksets on every door and application, inside & out
            • Wireless Trilogy? Networx?, Grade 1, advanced access networked locks, managed with free AL Scheduling & Database Software or real-time software platforms
            • Wireless Networx ArchiTech? Series Grade 1, advanced network locks with thousands of architecturally-pleasing finish, style & function combinations & iLock? Mobile App
            • Campus/university/K-12 lockdown solutions
            • Integrated with enterprise access control partners:
              • Continental Access CA4K?
              • Lenel? OpenAccess Alliance?
              • Software House? Connected Partner Program?

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            Product SpotLight


            Alarm Lock NAPCO Privacy Lock Demonstration

            Andy Phelps of Alarm Lock and NAPCO demonstrates one of the company's prox and digital 4100 series locks.


            Stephen Spinelli Joins NAPCO as Senior Vice President of Sales

            July 2020
            NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Stephen Spinelli as NAPCO Senior Vice President of Sales, for all its corporate divisions – NAPCO Security, Alarm Lock, Marks USA & Continental Access. Spinelli comes...
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            Alarm Lock Releases New Full Line Catalog

            May 2019
            Alarm Lock, a division of Napco Security Technologies and leader in access & egress solutions for education, healthcare, government, retail, airports & industry, is pleased to announce the release of their new full line catalog. The new 28-page catalog...
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